Every Wednesday at 5:30pm (except holidays), volunteers meet at our offices in Tucson. We discuss current issues and sign up to help maintain water stations, trucks, staff the office, secure supplies, make phone calls, and take care of other matters.
To work with us, come to a volunteer meeting or get in touch.

Humane Borders, Inc.
he House of Neighborly Service
243 West 33rd Street
Tucson, AZ 85713
Tel: (520) 628-7753
Email: info@humaneborders.org

Mission And Service Visits
We welcome visiting mission groups for a combination service and educational experience. Volunteers learn about the social, political, economic and theological complexities of border issues with far reaching effects throughout the U.S. Tasks may include trips to water stations with water trucks, routine maintenance and cleaning of vehicles and equipment, assembling, painting and maintaining water station equipment, picking up migrants’ trash in fragile desert environments along the border, sewing flags and making flag poles for water station sites, plus office work including filing, copying, mailings, media research, and maintaining the libraries of articles, videos and CDs.

Service Trips
Also known as water runs, these are the regularly scheduled trips that leave from Tucson and Phoenix to our water stations around the borderlands. There are more than 70 trips per month May through September and 30 trips per month October through April. Some last a few hours. Some last all day. Each truck is fully air conditioned, with an extended cab that can carry a driver and five volunteers. When there are more than five volunteers, we ask individuals to drive their vehicle and carry other volunteers when needed. Dress for these trips as you would for any extended trek in the desert, and expect long hours driving and hauling water. Be prepared also for meeting like-minded people, sharing stories and companionship. We ask all volunteers to adhere to our volunteer protocols and migrant encounter protocols, which include never secretly transporting a person suspected of being an illegal immigrant. Read a typical trip report for a sense of what volunteers encounter. Questions? Tel: (520) 398-5053 Email: info@humaneborders.org

Trash Pick-Up
Volunteers are needed to pick up trash along migrant trails throughout southern Arizona. The most commonly found items are empty water jugs, food wrappers, backpacks, and clothing. Other found items include wallets, identification papers, used airline tickets, soccer cards, rosary beads, bibles, prayer books, photographs, tools, utensils, toys, baby bottles, game pieces, cell phone chargers, medicine, bicycles etc. Sites include Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Ironwood Forest National Monument, Coronado National Forest, and some privately owned land. Questions? Tel: (520) 398-5053 Email: info@humaneborders.org.