Maintaining life-saving water stations in the borderlands takes financial support. Humane Borders welcomes financial and in-kind donations. What is an in-kind donation? Here’s an example:  A local bottling plant donates our water barrels. The hard plastic barrels stand up better than any others we have tried, and the company has given us more than 40, at a value of $20 apiece.  We are a 501 C-3 non-profit organization.

You can make a donation via Paypal:

To learn more about how to make a contribution, or purchase merchandise that supports our mission such as a Humane Borders shirt, jacket, lapel pin or coffee mug you can call us at 520-398-5053 or send us an email We have started a sponsorship program for companies and organizations interested in supporting our work in a public way. Residential telephone services provider AmeriMex is our first sponsor.